With the holiday season upon us, now is the time to examine how to avoid stress and stay peaceful regardless of the circumstances.

Too often we find the hectic scheduling and increased events of the holiday season slowly stealing away the meaning of this sweet time of year

Whatever you can do to support a positive mood and balanced temperament is worth its weight in gold at the holiday season. Here are some tips and techniques to try:


 How to avoid holiday stress

Say yes if the answer's an enthusiastic yes, and say no if it's anything else.

There are far too many options and obligations during the holidays, and you can go crazy having to juggle the needs of your spouse, boss, employees, kids, and in-laws... never mind your shopping list! If one more dinner or party than you can handle is added, it's a worse idea to go than just saying no and having a bit more breathing room.

Have a peaceful bedtime routine.

Incorporate a warm bath, low lights, Bach's Rescue Pastilles (natural stress relief in a candy form) and maybe some Calming Hemp Oil to fall asleep fast, each night as needed.

Mix your holiday wine with seltzer water.

Rather than drink too much and feeling woozy and later hungover, do half wine/half seltzer water in a festive glass. You'll still be having fun at parties, but without relying on the alcohol to mellow out, you'll be less likely to overindulge.

Neurotransmitters have a huge impact on our happiness and our peace, our sense of equilibrium.

If you take the Canary Club Neurotransmitter Test you can find more detailed information about your specific deficiencies of serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine and easily manage mood swings with the right foods and supplementation. After testing, a licensed health care provider can assist you in interpreting the labs and getting the best foods and supplements for your needs.

Keep your friends close and your healthy, protein-rich snacks closer.

Protein-rich snacks for the holidays

Having a good couple bites of protein, vegan or otherwise, always near at hand will keep you from becoming hypoglycemic and eating empty calories instead: meat, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, bean dip, nuts, nut butter with carrots or celery, etc.

Family and friends and our connection to meaningful experiences are what ultimately makes us happiest in life. So this year don't let anything stand in your way. You deserve to have the tiny moments of shared connection you look forward to all year long; baking apple strudel with your niece, singing at Midnight Mass or enjoying a quiet family walk in the park at twilight.

Have a wonderful holiday season and peaceful travels!

In health always,
Canary Club

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