Eating less and exercising more doesn’t work for those with gland imbalance.

Seemingly average people who accumulate lots of pounds around certain seasons, like the winter, may have a borderline sluggish metabolism. In other words, they lack sufficient reserve of thyroid or adrenal hormones to handle the increased seasonal demands.



Keeping Trim During the HolidaysI’m talking about those who are able (with care and focus) to control their weight fairly well for most of the year. But during times when the weather is cooler, outdoor activities are less and delicious food even more plentiful, they generally add on the pounds, despite their best efforts to the contrary.

Sluggish metabolism, even the mild borderline type, is a medical condition with good medical solutions, once diagnosed.

YES, but therein is the problem. Mild abnormalities of energy hormones, like thyroid or adrenal, do NOT show up easily on old-style routine blood tests.

Practitioners with excessive faith in over-rated standard testing commonly mistreat people who are actually quite curable with simple, glandular boosting. Rather than giving them a specific diagnosis and well-targeted medical remedy, they are instead dismissed with ineffective advice to eat less and exercise more. This doesn’t work well for gland imbalance.

Get Tested. Get Your Diagnosis. Consider Glandular Boosts.

So what can you do? Simple. Self-order a home test kit with accurate, cutting-edge, meaningful results. These kits use the more sensitive technology of saliva and blood spot testing of adrenal and thyroid hormones. This is the crux of a borderline sluggish metabolism.

Based on the results of these tests, you can then self-order some highly-effective specific over-the-counter thyroid or adrenal boosters. I’m not talking about the general run-of-the-mill products on shelves of health and vitamin stores. I mean high-grade pharmaceuticals with evidence-based formulas, that doctors often prescribe.

Yes, you can order them yourself, just like you self-order the Canary Club testing kits.

Which kit should you order for low-hormone-caused low metabolism? Both men and women should choose the “Advanced Plus Kit.” This will check several related energy hormones, in addition to the key ones of thyroid and adrenal.

If you are low on any of these results, you simply take the nutritional or glandular remedies that help replace the specific energy hormones that you are somewhat lacking. For borderline low metabolism, a little bit of remedy can go a long way to restoring normalcy.

Addressing Sluggish & Low-Level Hormones

For instance, I recommend 3 pills each morning of the adrenal vitamin support called CorticareB™, which is often enough to correct mildly sluggish adrenal levels. This, in turn, results in sufficient energy hormone power so as to not be so metabolically sluggish. For a stronger adrenal program, add 3 pills daily of Adrenal Essence herbal support to the above CorticareB™ regimen.

Addressing LOW Thyroid (or on the Decidedly LOW-side of normal)

Suppose it was your thyroid results that were either low or on the decidedly LOW side of normal. You could start with 3 pills daily each morning of Med-Caps T3™ for mildly sluggish thyroid levels. For a stronger thyroid program, you could add 3 daily of T-150 to the above Med-Caps T3 regimen, to help restore thyroid normalcy.

What if I Have a Sluggish Adrenal and a LOW Thyroid too?

Keep in mind that it is quite possible to have both thyroid and adrenal issues show up on your test results. In that case, simply take the suggested amounts of BOTH the thyroid and the adrenal remedies. This is doubly rebalancing.

And what is it like to return back to normal energy-hormone levels? You find that you have enough metabolic reserve to NOT be metabolically sluggish at the slightly more difficult time of the holidays.

And what’s that like? You become like a normal person, who can sensibly eat, drink, and be merry during holiday times, without gaining a whole bunch of weight. Good luck to you for a more graceful time this year.

Warmest wishes,
Richard L. Shames, M.D.

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