Is your thyroid the cause of your depression or your foul mood? It could be.

There is evidence available that links the two together. Those that are tired and depressed may find that their thyroid is actually behind the problem.

Thyroid gland diagram, what is the thyroid glandWhat Is the Thyroid?

The thyroid is a gland that produces several types of hormones. These hormones allow your body to function properly. There are two main types of thyroid disease. Hypothyroidism is the condition in which the thyroid gland is under working and hyperthyroidism is the condition in which the gland is working too much. In both conditions, the thyroid does not work properly, which means that the production of hormones from this gland is off. This can cause a number of problems.

The great news is that there is a good amount of help for these thyroid problems. In fact, doctors are able to help regulate the thyroid to some degree using medications. Yet, the main problem people have is getting proper treatment. Many patients go from doctor to doctor, from medication to medication without getting the help they need. This often stems from the fact that the symptoms of thyroid problems also resemble anxiety disorders or signs of aging.

Symptoms of a thyroid disorder can include:

1. Irritability: unwarranted problems where people feel as if they are just in a foul mood, often taken out on those around them.

2. Heart palpitations: the heart's beat is not normal, or there may be a sudden feeling of fluttering in the chest, but no heart problem is immediately evident through initial testing.

3. Difficulty with concentration: This is a common problem for those facing thyroid disease since the regulation of hormones is not correct. The mind seems unable to focus on the current task.

4. Memory problems: Sometimes a side effect of the hormones, memory loss can lead to frustrations.

thyroid hormone imbalance, thyroid testing, thyroid remedies, natural healingOther symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Puffy, swollen looking face and neck
  • Dry, pale skin
  • Depression
  • Muscle weakness, easy physical tiredness
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Excessive sleepiness

Why You Feel Bad

Why does the thyroid gland make you feel bad? There are several reasons for this, including the symptoms you are likely to experience. The underlying problem is that the hormones produced by the thyroid are not being produced properly. Two hormones are produced by the thyroid: thyroxine (called T-4) and triiodothyronine (called T-3). These control the rate the body uses fats and carbs. They also are used to manage the heart rate. They are in use to keep your body temperature stable and to help monitor the production of protein in your body.

When this happens, the body cannot perform the necessary functions properly. You feel bad because your body's temperature is off and your heart rate is not stable. You feel bad after meals because of the use of fats and carbs.

Getting Help

There are various methods of getting help for the thyroid disease you are facing. Doctors are often the first stop for treatment. Doctor treatment usually includes the use of synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine. This is available under name brands Levothroid, Levoxyl, and Unithroid. These medications help to get the hormone levels back up to natural levels.

natural remedy for hypothyroidism, foods good for thyroid, high fiber dietIn addition, to help these thyroid medications to work, your doctor may require that you eat a high fiber diet and that you eat more soy-based foods. They may require that you also consume calcium supplements, iron supplements, and aluminum hydroxide to boost the body's ability to use these synthetic medications.

Beyond these medications, there are alternative treatments that can help. There are thyroid hormone replacement products available. For example, Amour is a product that is used for those who are suffering from a lack of T-3 hormones. In some cases, you can improve your tired feeling by taking an over the counter supplement of adrenal hormone. Other nutrients that can help include selenium, zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-12. These nutrients, working together can help improve the overall function of the thyroid and give your body the nutrients it needs to perform well.

For those potentially suffering from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, it is very important to seek out professional medical attention. Ask your doctor about natural, healthy treatment options available to you. Complications of this condition can be life-threatening, especially in people that have been suffering from it for an extensive amount of time. Alternative treatments for thyroid disease are a possible option for many. Do not overlook what these products can provide for you.

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