While it is true that the levels of mercury, lead, cadmium, and other poisons are increasing in everyone worldwide, for over 8 years I have assisted thousands of people in developing a personal detox plan resulting in a staggering reduction in toxicity within an individual.  

Vicki Latham, Gulu, Uganda, June 2014

Having just returned from a trip to Uganda, Africa, I am even more emphatic in my passionate belief that this generation, more so than any other before it, is faced with the challenge to restore our planet to a sustainable garden.  This restoration is only possible when an individual commits him/herself to be informed and educated on the environmental toxicity adversely harming not just their own health, but the health of future generations.

Environmental Working Group - 

Today EWG is releasing a dramatically expanded and improved version of our popular cosmetics and personal care products database, Skin Deep. The site has been redesigned top to bottom, and we've added ratings for nearly 10,000 more products.