ways to relieve stress, stress relief, Millenials, Gen Z, hormonesThe American Psychological Association (APA)1 and the Advisory Board2 did a study showing that stress levels are on the rise for all generations. Each generation reports their stress levels are higher than they consider healthy, regardless of age. The highest stressed generation starts with our youngest, Gen Z, and then in ascending order of stress are the Millennials, Gen Xers, Boomers and then the Matures.

Understanding Stress And Its Effects On Your Body and Mind 

Stress is an issue that we all face at some time in our lives. Stress affects people of all ages and genders and is not unique to any one lifestyle choice or body chemistry type.

How to avoid holiday stressSTRESS-LESS HOLIDAYS

With the holiday season upon us, now is the time to examine how to avoid stress and stay peaceful regardless of the circumstances. Too often we find the hectic scheduling and increased events of the holiday season slowly stealing away the meaning of this sweet time of year.

Whatever you can do to support a positive mood and balanced temperament is worth its weight in gold at the holiday season. Here are some tips and techniques to try...

heal your drained brain 220HEAL YOUR DRAINED BRAIN

Canary Club is proud to be referenced in this new book about stress and cortisol - Heal Your Drained Brain: Naturally Relieve Anxiety, Combat Insomnia, and Balance Your Brain in Just 14 Days, by Dr. Mike Dow.

Dr. Dow uses our Diurnal Cortisol 4x test to check his adrenal stress hormone levels.


The inner workings and complexities of the human brain are still largely a mystery, despite recent and ongoing advances in medical technology. 

However, there are some things that we are beginning to understand, such as the five stages of brain development. The brain undergoes more changes than other parts of the body and develops at an uneven rate.

Women are more likely to multitask than men and often seem to take pride in their ability to get several things done at once.  Unfortunately, multitasking can make people extremely nervous, as they fret about a long list of errands, chores, and other responsibilities waiting to be checked off a never-ending list.  It is simply impossible to get everything done – something is bound to fall through the cracks or slip your mind completely, which is upsetting when you are trying so hard to keep it all together.