The videos below show how to collect samples for: 

  • finger-prick dried blood spot
  • saliva collection
  • dried urine collection

We also provide links to printer-friendly instructions as well as special situations, such as collecting samples for a Fertility Profile or for Vitamin D only. If you have additional questions, try our FAQ page.

Blood Spot Collection Video

blood spot collection videos

Saliva Collection Video

saliva collection videos

Urine Collection Video

dried urine collection videos

Downloadable Instructions




All four books of Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames recommend saliva and blood spot testing as superior methods to evaluate thyroid and other hormones.

Hormone testing is useful, whether you are mildly affected by hormone imbalance, severely impacted and unable to function, or are simply wondering if the hormone issue is a factor in your everyday health.

The lab will email you 3-5 business days after samples are received for online access to your results. You can see an example of the ZRT test results here:

Click here for sample test results report
ZRT Sample Test Results Report

Questions about your results? Consider a consult with  Dr. Richard Shames  

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